TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experiences.

TurnUp, currently in development for mobile devices, allows users to simultaneously play music through multiple phones. Individuals who want to listen to music together but are in different places can sync their devices and listen to the same playlist at the same time. TurnUp aims to help people create a sense of closeness and shared experience.


2016.9 - 2016.10

My Role

UX Designer


Areas of Exploration

  • ► What is the synchronous listening experience?
  • ► How might we create a “music room” that brings people together?
  • ► What is the primary flow for choosing a song and then broadcasting it?
  • ► Can other people queue up tracks (i.e., does the DJ rotate)?


I put out a questionaire to find out people's attitudes and habits are when it comes to listening to and sharing music.

Participants listen socially to music to set the mood, when at live music events or other venues that play music.

They listen to music independently primarily on their mobile devices while engaging in another activity (work, travel, etc).

MVP Features

In order to define the capabilities of TurnUp I did a brainstorming session in which I came up with some ideas for directions to take the feature design. I included the results in the questionaire and asked participants to rate how interesting these capabilities would be to them.

The three most popular ideas with participants:

► listen to a playlist with one other individual

► have a group music chat room where all parties could add tracks to the playlist

► listen to the room playlist "dj set" of an artist you admire

Takeaways from the Questionnaire

The idea of having the artists involved in the synchronous listening experience was the most popular of all suggested ideas. Since TIDAL is owned by artists (most notably Jay-Z and Madonna) it would make sense, and be plausible, to have them participate in the TurnUp listening experience. It could be a way to promote upcoming tours, album drops, etc..

TIDAL-X and the Persona

Since there were no TIDAL users who took my questionniare, I turned to TIDAL's Twitter page to get a sense of their userbase. I looked at their followers, and at the people who were actively engaging with the brand.

One observation: there were a lot of young, female, Spanish-speaking fans of the group CNCO (a latin-american boy band). Looking through five pages of followers, and the majority were CNCO fans. What did that mean? So I delved a little deeper and I found out about another TIDAL feature: TIDAL-X

TIDAL-X gives fans an opportunity to connect with their favorite artists in an unlimited number of ways, witnessing unique experiences that no one outside of TIDAL will see. It could be an intimate performance, a meet-and-greet, a dinner, etc. – the possibilities are endless. And these TIDAL-X experiences will showcase and support artists of all levels, no matter how big or small.” (From TIDAL website)

It turns out CNCO has exclusive content on TIDAL, including a TIDAL-X concert only available to subscribers.

This discovery reinforced the idea that had been post popular in the questionnaire: that TIDAL artists should host DJ sesssions. It also helped me create my persona and clarify the features in the application map.

Meet Kimberly

The App Map with Focus on TurnUp


Defining the Style

I used the style that the TIDAL brand had already established. I created some new elements for TurnUp.

Wireframes and Prototype

After making the first round of wireframes I put them together in a clickable prototype and asked my friends to test them.

I threw them into the TIDAL app on the welcome screen. I explained the app to them, but not the new TurnUp feature. I asked them if they could find the feature, and if they understood what its purpose was. I found out quickly, they didn't.

After two failed tests, I decided I needed to refactor my design in a big way. I needed to explain TurnUp so that it would be easy to understand. I changed my prototype accordingly:

Check out my prototype on Invision.

The Final Handoff