Mini Dev Projects 2.0

Another collection of projects I designed and developed.


The following projects are the most recent development projects I've built. These projects are personal exercises to practice my coding skills, and learn new technologies. I'm always working on new things, check back soon for the next installment.


April, 2018 - Present


  • Developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax)

Memory Game

User Stories

  • User can play matching tiles memory game.
  • The game randomly shuffles the cards. A user wins once all cards have successfully been matched.
  • When the player starts a game, a displayed timer starts. Once the player wins the game, the timer stops.
  • Game displays the current number of moves a user has made.
  • When a user wins the game, a modal appears to congratulate the player and ask if they want to play again. It also tells the user how much time it took to win the game, and what the star rating was.


  • Game icons from Font Awesome
  • Project completed for Udacity's Front end Nanodegree course


User Stories

  • User can view current news top headlines.
  • Each article headline and description is analyzed for tone by IBM Watson's Tone Analyer.
  • The Tone Analyzer uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology.
  • The top tone for each headline is displayed next to each headline on the page.
  • A radar chart showing the analysis for each article for all five tones is shown in a popup overlay when user clicks on a headline.


Frogger-esque Arcade Game

User Stories

  • Game objects (player and bugs) are implemented using JavaScript object-oriented programming features.
  • Vehicle-player collisions cause damage to player. When Player health reaches 0 the game restarts.
  • Move player with the arrow keys, pause with spacebar.
  • User wins by guiding player across the road to the water.
  • Play on touch screen devices not yet supported.


  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Javascript
  • Game engine and assets provided by Udacity