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An Intelligent Platform that Analyzes Product Data and Creates Compelling Proposals
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Searching a spreadsheet for server technical specs is tedious and cumbersome. Before this project, Dell EMC sales reps used such a tool to look up information. There was no internal application to simplify that process. That's where the team I was part of, internally called A3, came in. The A3 series of applications enable ‘guided selling’ for Dell PowerEdge server sales by outputting personalized proposals for specific customer requirements.


2016.12 - 2017.10


  • Visual Design
  • Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax)

Tools and Technologies Used

Dark, Confident, Vibrant

As our applications represent Dell EMC we used the Dell EMC dark theme. The dark UI exudes strength and assurance through dark, energetic, and vibrant photography. Dark UI themes are less strain on user eyes as well.

Custom Iconography

We created an icon set for the application suite that could be used in a wide range of contexts. Some of the icons were created from scratch and others are based on existing Dell Clarity iconography. We used a distinct icon to represent each application, helping the user navigate intuitively between applications. The icons help the user remember what the various applications do by sight while remaining playful.

Application Suite Launchpads


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